Do you believe ...

in grass root projects and their impact on communities?

in the value of youth education and skills-training to foster development?

If your answer is YES, please take a few moments to read about the
ESPOIR JEUNES Burkina Faso project.

Espoir jeunes Lausanne, Switzerland, cooperates with an association of the same denomination officially recognized by the state of Burkina Faso: their common mission is to support a teacher, Gérard Palé, who takes care of vulnerable children.


Our story in Burkina Faso, West Africa, begins in the city of Gaoua, the capital of the Poni Province, bordering with Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

In Gaoua, Gerard Palé fosters the education of disadvantaged children....

Since 2006, Gérard Palé has housed, fed and schooled underprivileged children, taking them off the streets. They are now between 9 and 21 years old. In 2013, 15 girls between 2 and 15 years of age have joined the group

Gerard Palé and his wife

Many are orphans, or too poor to pay for their schooling.  Most of them came under Gerard Palés tutelage without a birth certificate, which made them non-existent as far as the state of Burkina Faso was concerned, and therefore  non eligible for an education 


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